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Conflict Management Expertise in the Workplace

The Cost of Conflict

Many organisations suffer long-term damage:

– 25% of productivity is lost in the UK each year by individuals involved in conflict.

– Unresolved conflict is a decisive factor in 50% of employment departures.

– 65% of employment problems arise from strained relationships between employees.

– 70% of change programmes never reach their end date due to individuals’ resistance and conflict.

Source: Chartered Institute of Professional Development, 2014.

The last point is particularly worrying in the digital age where businesses must adapt quickly to compete.


What is Conflict

What is ConflictConflict arises between individuals, teams and multiple stakeholders. Causes vary but every conflict has both a practical and an emotional cause.


Individual Conflict

individual conflictConflict between individuals can be best resolved by mediation. This is where they can explore the conflict, control the outcome and achieve a settlement.


Multiple Stakeholder Conflict

multiple stakeholdersMultiple stakeholder conflict resolution is complex and requires an understanding of every stakeholder and stakeholder group’s perspective and agenda. 


About Us

North Light Solutions is an independent and impartial conflict management consultancy.

We help businesses and organisations to deal with the debilitating effects of change, crisis and conflict.


The Management of Conflict

Managing ConflictConflict is never easy to resolve. However, conflict can certainly be managed by unlocking the emotional issues and identifying practical solutions.


Team Conflict

team conflictIndividual agendas and behaviours at odds with the common aim. Managing team conflict requires understanding dynamics and conflict resolution techniques.


Contentious Projects

contentious projectsContentious projects often engender conflict and change projects are often delayed. These delays cause additional costs which could easily be avoided.


Our Values

We understand from vast experience the consequences of ignoring conflict. We also know how conflict can be turned into a positive, driving energy and innovation in the workplace.

Our approach combines critical analysis, lateral thinking, human understanding and technology to achieve long-lasting, pragmatic solutions. We enable our clients to develop solutions in a consensual, non-threatening manner and emerge more competitive through innovation and increased productivity.


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