"Change and conflict are our constant companions, driving innovation and development.”"

Neither can be eliminated but both must be managed to prevent significant damage to enterprise

What we are

North Light Solutions - Bespoke Solutions

North Light Solutions is an independent and impartial conflict management consultancy.
We assist businesses and organisations in dealing with the debilitating effects of change, crisis and conflict.


A diverse team

The North Light Solutions team is made up of critical thinkers, lateral thinkers, and those with emotional understanding. All have held senior leadership appointments and some are academics. We understand the pressures in both the public and private sectors, are well versed in the dynamics of organisations and are capable of dealing with people across the cultural, ethnic and social spectrum.

The core team is supported by associates who are experts in the fields of psychotherapy, mediation, business psychology and senior executive coaching and mentoring.


Long lasting results

Our brand of conflict management enables clients to develop enduring solutions in a consensual, non-threatening manner, and emerge more competitive through innovation and increased productivity.

If you would like to discuss your own conflict management please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a no-obligation initial consultation.

What we do

North Light Solutions - What we do

North Light Solutions supports businesses and organisations in dealing with the uncertainty of change, crisis and conflict. We use a broad range of experience and techniques to deliver conflict management during change and development to:

• Individuals – whether employees or business partners, to resolve damaging conflict.
Teams – Revitalising, repairing or rebuilding teams that have lost productivity following change or conflict.
Contentious projects – that run the risk of not meeting their objectives through conflict.
Multiple stakeholders – dealing with conflict which has become unmanageable for any single entity.


Positive outcomes for your organisation

We enable clients to achieve their goals by:

• Reducing delays to change and projects.
Reducing conflict and bad feeling resulting in greater cooperation in the workplace.
Reducing cost and increasing productivity.
Enhancing reputation, good will and trust.


How we help you

We blend practical leadership experience with conflict resolution skills to provide a balanced approach to conflict management.

The surest way to deliver sustainable results is by working in tandem with your existing management team. In this way, we can develop solutions that are achievable within the culture of your organisation.

We provide advice, multi-discipline task teams and bespoke support to manage conflict through a three stage process:

• Resolution – to deal with the immediate conflict through the development of consensual and sustainable agreements.
Support – to maintain the agreements through mentoring, knowledge transfer and training.
Prevention – to ensure that mistakes are not repeated through our Experience Consolidation programme.

To discuss your organisations circumstances or simply find out more contact us today.

Our Ethics

North Light Solutions - Crisis and Conflict SolutionsAll North Light Solutions work is unique, based on well proven principles rather than templates.

We undertake to support every client in an open, honest and cost effective manner.

We recognise that change, conflict and crisis cause deep emotional strain and undertake to treat each case with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.