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Conflict – A Case Study with Fireman Sam

Fireman Sam was arrested and harassed for racism. That’s not strictly true, it’s an old story, but it makes an excellent case study in localised conflict. In 2012, David Jones, the creator of the Fireman Sam character, was going through security checks at Gatwick Airport. He saw a woman with her face covered by a […]

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Unveiling the Myth of British Values

There has been much talk about British values. The Prime Minister David Cameron spoke about them as a means of unifying the nation and promoting our future. In his words “Britain has a lot to be proud of, and our values and institutions are right at the top of that list. It’s not just important […]

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Greece: Negotiation or Conflict Management

“Athens stumbles towards Grexit” was a headline in last weekend’s newspapers as talks concerning the Greek debt repayments collapsed. We have yet to see how the story plays out as Alexis Tsiparas, the Greek prime minister, now appears to have accepted creditors terms with minor concessions but Germany is unlikely to agree to anything until […]

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The Value of Conflict Management

What is the true value of conflict management? The answer is to ask Macca’s neighbours. Conflict is an intrinsic characteristic of humanity regardless of time, place or culture. It manifests itself in all human activity and every relationship we create. Conflict is always with us and yet the human race has time and again demonstrated […]

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Avoid Plebgate this Year

Read this and it may save your reputation, career and finances. In this new year, I would ask you to spare a thought for Andrew Mitchell MP who, in 2012, was at the centre of Plebgate. The forty-five second outburst against PC Toby Rowland at the entrance to Downing Street is reported to have damaged […]

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Managing Your Wolf

Once upon a time, there was a man who befriended a wolf. The man fed the wolf and allowed it to sleep by the fire, while the wolf guarded the man’s cave and helped him hunt. This gave the man great power in the village. Until one day, when the man forgot to feed the […]

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