Conflict Management in the Workplace

Conflict is ever-present in our lives. We cannot eliminate it – nor indeed should we, as it can stimulate original thought and action, fuel creativity and drive innovation.

However, effective conflict management in the workplace is imperative because, left unchecked, conflict can and does do extensive damage to businesses, organisations, teams, stakeholder groups and individuals.

Conflict especially arises between individuals or groups during contentious projects and during change. People generally dislike change and this is becoming increasingly obstructive for companies as the pace of change is accelerating rapidly.

Conflict Management Strategies and Techniques

Conflict ManagementTaking and maintaining control over conflict is a continuous process. At its most basic it requires:

    • resolving conflict to address the immediate problem using a consensual approach
    • support to ensure that agreements reached through conflict resolution are maintained
    • conflict prevention to reduce the opportunity for the occurrence of further related conflict.

The art of workplace conflict management is to maintain sufficient conflict to generate innovation and development, without allowing it to become toxic.

Its management takes place across a spectrum, with the most sustainable agreements reached through consensual means, either under individual control or with impartial, third party support.

 North Light Solutions provides the following 4 elements in its form of constructive conflict management:

Impartial conflict management advice to those involved in either change or ongoing conflict.

Impartial 3rd party support to assist in resolving conflicts where:

  • the situation is too tough, too sensitive or too time consuming for the current team
  • where the current team lacks trust, respect or is too emotionally involved in the problem

Capability development through education, training and mentoring to prepare leaders, managers and individuals to manage conflict.

Stakeholder engagement and continuous improvement programmes to prevent the recurrence of conflict, build a better ethos going forward and generate the cumulative 1% improvements.

For a confidential discussion about conflict in your organisation and how to resolve it, please ring us or e-mail us in the first instance. We look forward to helping you.