Conflict Prevention

Conflict is cyclical – the key is to conflict prevention is to stop it reoccurring from the same source.

How Do you Prevent Conflict Recurrence?

Conflict PreventionWe recommend our 5 Star approach to conflict prevention:

  • Identify potential lines of conflict. This is an active process that needs regular review. Some lines of conflict will remain constant while others will appear or fade as the “environment” changes.
  • Know your people. Every person is an individual. Get to know them so that you understand their values and gain an insight into their perception.
  • Enable employee engagement. This brings tremendous benefits. Done properly, it builds trust, identifies areas for improvement and brings about continual improvement.
  • Deal with conflict effectively. We summarise this as quick, fair and humane to find consensual agreements. Above all, do something and don’t ignore it.
  • Learn from the lessons of conflict. Learn from mistakes. Be accountable but avoid blame. Create an ethos that aims at progress.

“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”  Sir Winston Churchill

If you want to learn more about conflict prevention in your organisation, please ring us or e-mail us in the first instance. We look forward to helping you.