Contentious Projects

All change projects are contentious.

contentious projects“I didn’t want to change. I had set up the programme and run it efficiently for 12 years and nobody complained. Then, one day somebody says we need a new system without even talking to me. How did that make me feel? I put my soul into this business and then everything is chucked out because they want something more shiny. Why should I help out?”

Numerous projects fail to achieve their stated goals.

Failure of either the internal project team relationship or external stakeholder relationships will cause delay, add cost and could be catastrophic.

“You know when projects start to go wrong. Loss of control, disorganisation, a sense of pending failure undermine the team. People lose their peripheral vision, they concentrate on their own work but lose touch of what others are doing. Fragmentation and self-interest pervade. Eventually it degenerates into accusations and blame. Then you know its finished.” Alex Senior Project Manager

Project managers, great and small, must keep the team operating effectively using well honed conflict management skills.

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