We are an independent and impartial conflict  management consultancy.

We understand from vast experience the consequences of ignoring conflict. We also know how conflict can be turned into a positive, driving energy and innovation in the workplace.

Our Belief:  Conflict is ever present and must be managed.  

Our Purpose:To enable change, innovation and agility so that businesses and organisations can survive, compete and flourish.

 Our Intent:  To provide businesses and organisations with the right support  to enable them to deal with the debilitating effects of change and conflict.

Our Approach: We deliver sustainable results by applying our form of Constructive Conflict Management in tandem with your existing management team. That way we develop solutions that match the culture of your organisation.

 Our Values:

  •  People. People can be either the strongest or weakest points in any organisation. We assist our clients to bring out the best in their people. Our commitment is to always use the best possible individuals to deliver our service.
  •  Collaboration. Teamwork and collaboration are the keys to successful businesses and organisations. We collaborate extensively and offer our services for, through or with trusted partners.
  •  Improvement. Businesses and organisations must strive for continual improvement to remain competitive.  We work relentlessly to deliver continual improvement to our knowledge, experience, process and service.
  •  Impartiality. Trust lies at the heart of our approach. We work impartially and confidentially with all parties to deliver consensual and sustainable solutions for our clients.
  •  ReputationReputations are hard won and easily lost. We seek to enhance our clients and our own reputations through what we do and how we do it.