Individual Conflict

Olivia, CEO of a creative business:

“We all have to deal with toxic co-workers or managers through our careers. Their behaviour has an impact on the overall company: innovation, employee turnover, revenue and more.”

Individual conflict in the workplace can be very distracting and the costs to the business can be huge.

Individual ConflictIndividual conflict stems from perception, is centred on values and is driven by emotion. There is no logic or sense to it. The psychological battle for supremacy may have a real reason behind its origins, but these initial reasons for conflict are soon escalated beyond their original importance.

The difficulty then becomes who is going to de-escalate the situation. When managers get involved they can often get pulled into the situation which further complicates the dynamic.

Often issues between individuals start small and grow exponentially over time. In many cases the original issue is forgotten as it develops into a “must win at all costs” battle.

Overtime,  a conflict between two individuals spills out into the wider team, polarising or isolating other team members. This can then cause wider factions within the team that detrimentally affect other working relationships within the company.

The answer is to use constructive individual conflict management to resolve the current conflict efficiently and build a better position for your business.

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