Multiple Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder relationships have grown exponentially leading to increased conflict in the business environment

Multiple Stakeholder ManagementThe 20th Century model of organisations based on well-defined roles, responsibilities and hierarchies has largely disappeared. It has been superseded by bespoke, flat, matrix, team, network, divisional organisations, many of which have little intuitive resonance to the outsider.

The 21st Century organisation needs greater collaboration. It outsources more functions, has wider investment structures and there is far more globalisation, due to developments in technology, communications and transportation.

All this has helped to widen the pool of stakeholders in any given project or enterprise. Managing multiple stakeholders has become a demanding skill.

Who or what are stakeholders?

Stakeholders are defined as individuals and groups with an interest in the success or failure of an activity. This may be:

  • an interest in the outcome of an activity
  • rights relating to the activity (legal or moral)
  • ownership relating to the activity (intellectual or physical)
  • a contribution to the activity.

Effective Multiple Stakeholder Management: A Roadmap

Managing multiple stakeholders in a conflict situation is challenging. It involves understanding different individuals with varying agendas who naturally form temporary alliances to suit their interests. It requires constant vigilance in a changing landscape of relationships as interests and influences fluctuate.

Multiple stakeholder management during a conflict requires:

  • a thorough understanding of each of the stakeholders
  • an assessment of their current and changing levels of importance and influence
  • a clear plan to engage with them to successfully reach consensus
  • the ability to monitor the effects of conflict management programmes.

North Light Solutions has extensive multiple stakeholder management skills and experience, particularly in complex organisations.

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