Team Conflict

Cooperation and teamwork are what has made the human race successful. Yet every team experiences conflict.

Unchecked Conflict Damages Teams.

Team conflict creates barriers, breaks down communication, stifles innovation and hampers productivity.

Case Study

“Everyone knows Morgan cars but few knew that they have been going through a very difficult couple of years, driven by a boardroom feud. The dispute broke out into open warfare when Charles Morgan, grandson of the founder HFS Morgan, was ousted from the Board by the combined efforts of 2 other family members in October 2013. Charles Morgan then launched an appeal against the dismissal on contentious grounds but lost. The dispute quickly became public when Charles’s wife let rip with tirade against the ‘greed and ego’ of her husband’s relatives and former boardroom colleagues. Charles Morgan followed that up in 2014 with a war of words against Steve Morris the current Managing Director over the company’s vision, need for change, potential redundancies, production and new car models – in particular the revamped Plus 4 Model, which Charles publicly scorned. The dispute was finally resolved but at what cost”.

Team ConflictThe sporting pages are full of stories of teams that have failed due to internal conflict. Defeated before they have even stepped on to the field of play.

Team conflict prevents your business from developing and performing at the highest level – what is the cost of that?

The answer is to use constructive conflict management to resolve the disputes and disagreements and then build a better team ethos. Thereby ensuring that you can maximise your businesses potential.

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